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"The future depends of what we do in the present." Mahatam Gandhi

life can be tricky. We can all use a bit of help from time to time. Solution focused, Debbie can assist individuals by identifying and  building on strengths and "remodeling" areas needing improvement through self-exploration and develop a blueprint for intentional living.


Debbie specializes in assisting clients through life transitions. This can be at any age or stage of life. Change can be difficult. With tools and support you can make change happen. Everything changes-embracing change leds to fulfillment.     


Cornerstone Professional Services is a small, private full service practice specializing in assisting with change.


Debbie looks forward to partnering with you to build your better tomorrow today.


Not sure of what to do next? Need some help getting there? Debbie can assist you with  a step by step plan designed to  "construct the life you want".  Life planning can begin as early as middle/high school with personalized academic advising, effective student success strategies career exploration/planning, college planning and admissions.  Utilizing the most current career development  strategies is imperative to long term success in the workplace.


Life happens. Not always the way we plan. Debbie can help with workforce issues from getting the job you want, improving in the job you have,  transitional employment due to lay off and negotiating the salary needed. She can help in all stages of employment. Debbie contracts with companies offering transitional services, resumes, personal branding and job readiness; in addition, she offers employee assistance services  and workplace issues workshops.


The world of work is constantly changing. Laying a quality foundation today can serve you well tomorrow. Check out how Debbie can help.....


Debbie strives to provide quality personalized service in all she does. We humans are always "under construction".  The proper tools can make the job easier and more efficient. 

Every situation requires a unique set of tools to be successful. 

Check out what services Debbie has to offer. 


Need help with a project? Debbie has a large tool chest of skills and experiences to choose from. With 25+ years experience  as an educator and counselor, she provides interactive trainings on a wide variety of topics that span the ages and environments.


As a skilled advocate, she has helped children, youth, developmentally disabled and the elderly in the legal, medical and government areas.  She is an  experienced executor, guardian, GAL, POA, care manager and has domestic violence/sexual assault training.


With a love of project development, she can help  small businesses or non-profits with the  start up process,  marketing/public relations, grant writing and fund raising.






















ko(r)-ner-stone: a basic element. FOUNDATION

“Life can be tricky.  I can help you with the framework and tools to build on your own foundation.”

Debbie Conklin


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