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Cornerstone addresses clients' most critical issues and opportunities.

Debbie uses practical person-centered/solution based counseling techniques to serve small groups or individuals  dealing with life transitions, divorce/custody, trauma, bullying, learning issues, depression/anxiety, anger/stress management, educational/career planning and tools for successful aging. She is a tenacious advocate utilizing advocacy based counseling strategies; she serves diverse populations with particular interest in generational differences.


Debbie loves what she does, helping clients define success and realize it. Success is evolving and unique to each one of us. We are always building upon our experiences.



As a long time guardian ad litem, Debbie is appointed by the local Superior Court to fact find, write a report and if required testify. A GAL serves as the "eyes and ears" of the Court and provides the Judge with a recommendation of what is in the best interest of the child(ren). The end result is  a custody evaluation or parenting plan. All decisions are made by a Judge.


Debbie can provide the support parents need through the child rearing years and support children through tough issues like bullying, self-image, and learning problems.

Young adulthood can be difficult. Debbie works with youth preparing for high school and college, with relational situations, with learning issues and on communication skills including bullying and cyber issues.


Decidng what to do after graduation can be overwhelming. Providing a systematic approach to career exploration, academic planning and goal setting, Debbie can walk clients through this confusing time of life and help parents use their educational dollars wisely. Athlete in the family? She can help a student athlete in the recruiting process.

A strong foundation for adulthood is critical to success throughout the ages.

Aging can be difficult. Adult children move away, spouses leave and needs increase. Debbie has a vast amount of experience as a guardian ad litem, guardian, power of attorney, executor and care manager. She can use these skills to help in whatever stage of life you are in. Debbie is passionate about serving the elderly and their families.

Debbie is a tenacious advocate for vulnerable populations and has a full tool chest of skills and experience for clients and their families to choose from. ​ She has successfully advocated within the legal, medical, business and government arenas.


Need a bit of help with your home, business or living situations? Give Debbie a call.



The demands of adulthood can topple even the strongest of  life structures, even with a solid foundation. Family, work, finances, health, and leisure fill life up so completely that it is easy to lose oneself.  Living intentionally can help you achieve. In essence, thrive not just survive. Debbie can offer concrete strategies to address life's transitions so balance can be achieved. Restoring the work life balance can open doors to a more fulfilling life.  She can offer strategies to simple healthy living.


A blueprint or life plan can lead to a more peaceful existence.

Aged Population
Adult Years

Counseling: "Help Across the Ages"

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