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Some people dream of success. Others make it happen.



Cornerstone Professional Services, PLLC is professional services practice.


Debbie offers a unique set of professional services including: care management, power of attorney, executor, guardian ad litem, and professional guardian services as well as adoption reports and grant writing.


Debbie also offers interactive training  on a wide variety of counseling, learning,  life transition and career development topics.



Debbie looks forward to helping clients in transition, whether individuals or corporations.





Cornerstone is a different type of counseling practice.


Debbie specializes in work life connections. As a Career Deveopment Faciliator, Debbie can assist clients in all phases of career development.  She offers current real time information and tools to help client's define and met their goals and understands the home and work balance.



Debbie's years of experience offer unique access to a diverse set of expertise and analytical tools.



Cornerstone services focus on the clients' most critical issues and opportunities.

Debbie uses practical person-centered/solution based counseling techniques to serve individuals dealing with life transitions, divorce/custody, trauma, bullying, learning issues, depression/anxiety, anger/stress management,  educational/career planning and tools for successful aging.  She is a tenacious advocate utilizing advocacy based counseling strategies;  she serves diverse populations  with particular interest in   generational differences and  simple healthy living strategies.


Debbie loves what she does, helping clients define success and realize it. Success is evolving and unique to each one of us. We are always building upon our experiences.

Debbie Conklin , M.S.

“I'm a practical solution based counselor customing a wide range of services just for you offered in a private and confidential setting. We draft a blueprint for success together and I am available every step of the way . Let's build a better tomorrow today.  ”

Your Success Is My Success
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