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Career Coach: "Plan and Achieve."

Career coaching is an exciting new field with immediate benefits to most anyone at any stage in life. Transitions  and work life balance require constantly changing tools and can result in big returns. 



It is never too early to begin planning.  Life can take us down many roads.  Success in the classroom and beyond provides options as life unfolds. Creating the right learning environment effects academic success. Effective learning strategies including organizational skills, time management, effective listening, notetaking, textbook reading, test preparation, test taking, and maximizing technology ​are imperative to master academic content, making information your own and achieving the grades you need. . Employing these strategies can result in life long benefits.


Planning life beyond high school can be overwhelming. College preparation and admissions can be a  labor intensive process. Exploring your personality type, skills, interests, apptitudes, and work values is the first step in knowing yourself so you can better determine what it is you want to do. Debbie has the assessment tools and training to help in this process regardless of age.


Once you have an idea of what you want to do then one can develop an educational plan including college planning, admissions and scholarship/finanical aid. Students being recruited for athletics or other extracurriculars have additional requirements/time frames. Debbie can help you become the best recruit possible.


Graduating college? Debbie can provide the most current job readiness skills and products to get  you noticed in a busy world. Learn how to take what you know and translate this into a marketable product employers want.


Professional assistance with career development is a meaningful gift a parents give their child. Deciding on a career is one of the most important decisions in life, yet one that many do not explore thoroughly. Some spend more time researching the purchase of a car than their career!


Plans change, life unfolds, and our ability to adjust to it can affect our personal happiness. A life plan can help.



Whether you are new to the workforce, transitioning within a company, laid off, or planning a retirement job, Debbie can help. She has a tool chest full to assist cients in every phase of the career development cycle.


Tools include understanding labor market information, electronic application tricks,  job search strategies, personal branding, creating and delivering a cover letter, resume, creating an online presence,  ​interviewing o and negotiating the salary you need.  She can offer tips to help employees manage themselves in the world of work.

In today's workplace, careers are fleeting. Most workers will have five to seven jobs in their life time. Preparing for this new way of doing business is important to one's mental, emotional, physical and financial well being. Plans change, it is vital we know how to change with them.




Employee and community relations can be difficult for employers. Debbie can assist with transitional services for reduction in force situations, employee assistance needs or provide training on a variety of topics. ​


Whatever your stage in life, Debbie can help you plan life so you can achieve your dreams.

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