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Debbie enjoys life. Her family and home life bring her the greateast joy. She spends time reading, cooking and gardening. She paints when she can.  Traveling near and far round out her free time. You can find her on the softball and football fields around the country cheering on her kids with her husband and dog at her side.

Debbie has an extensive volunteer history and community service background.

Debbie belongs to the American Counseling Association.


Cornerstone is a small, hard-working  private practice based in beautiful Walla Walla, Washington. Established in 1996, Debbie Conklin has diversified her education, skills and experience allowing her to offer a wide variety of services and  works hard to stay relavent by doing many things in her small town.



Debbie began her professional life as a high school teacher and coach. She was asked back to her alma mater and returned as a graduate assistant in the counseling center. After graduation, she moved to Walla Walla where she began a career of service. She worked for two decades as a counselor, coordinator and director of programs in non profit agencies and colleges.  She is excited to add career coaching to her tool chest. Since 1996, Debbie has served the older population as guardian, power of attorney, care manager, advocate, executor/personal representative and guardian ad litem.  Adoption reports, mediation prep and family consults round out her experience.


Debbie is returning full time to what she loves most,  private practice.  She serves clients across the age span and in a variety of life situations.  Life is full of transitions. These transitions are the foundation of Cornerstone.  Debbie offers many  tools to help others start or rebuild their lives.  Her passion is life planning and advocacy helping clients live their best lives.

Right out of high school Debbie completed two Bachelor's degrees and a quarter of reserved graduate credit from Southern Oregon University. After teaching high school and coaching for a couple of years, she was invited back to SOU as a graduate assistant in the Counseling Center where she earned a Master's degree.


Debbie obtained her registered counselor certificate in 1996 and certified counselor license in 2010, both in the state of Washington.  August 2013,  Debbie completed a Career Development Credential.  She also has domestic violence and sexual assault training.

Debbie is a  life long learner who reads and takes classes in a wide array of subjects.

                 “I look forward to meeting with you and together draft a blueprint to build your better tomorrow."

                                                           So what are you waiting for, let's chat!


Debbie Conklin, Cornerstone Professional Services, PLLC

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